Cryptobitexchange is one of the largest bitcoin mining sites that helps you grow your bitcoin in twenty business days. 

     Cryptobitexchange gives a return of 45% interest to every bitcoin mined in twenty business days. There are different plans which every miner chooses in accordance to the amount of bitcoin to be mined, below is the breakdown of all the plans active .

1: Partner ===> under this plan, a miner is eligible to mine $50 and get a profit of $72.5after twenty business days

2: Basic ===> the basic plan gives a return of %45of bitcoin being mined after twenty business  days. It gives all the miners the privilege to get paid $145 after a mining of $100

3: Bronze ===> this is one of the amazing plans we’ve got, it gives the miners an opportunity to explore higher in mining, it gives a wide range of profit where every miner under this plan mines $250 and gets $362.5 after twenty business  days 

4: Silver ===> this is plan to be mined with $500 with a $725 return in twenty business days .

5: Gold===> gold is a plan mined $1000 worth of bitcoin with a return of $1450

6: Premium ===> wow!!! This is third to the highest plans Cryptobitexchange has, this is so amazing ! Premium is a plan you mine your bitcoin worth of $2500 and get an instant funding of $3625

7: Black ===> this is one of the Cryptobitexchange’s plan,Cryptobitexchange offers to its members and pays them all $7250 worth of bitcoin after a mining of $5000 worth of bitcoin . 

8: Master===> It’s indeed an awesome plan, every successful investor stands a chance of earning $10150worth of bitcoin after a succeful investment of $7000 worth of bitcoin . 

9: Prime===> prime goes with an investment of $10000 worth of bitcoin with $14500returns 

NOTE: after a successful mining, every miner is expected to withraw all the funds being paid under every plan before mining again.